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Going solar can save you over 80% on your utility costs, and also reduces the harmful pollution generated by your power needs by over... 


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Blue Sky Solar Energy is a Florida based company specializing in residential and commercial solar installation. We consider ourselves custodians of the environment for taking an invested interest in sharing the advantages of clean and renewable energy with the Sunshine State.

At Blue Sky Solar Energy we accept the challenge and responsibility in partnership with you, our vendors, manufacturers and employees to provide solar installations with integrity. We respect the opportunity to meet the needs unique to you, your property and all who work to make free energy a reality."

Put the customer first, everything else will fall into place.

Commercial Solar

Many businesses, be it in small towns, or populated areas such as Jacksonville or Tampa, FL, are discovering new ways to make their business run efficiently and also promoting a culture of “going green”. Numerous studies are showing how long-term costs in energy consumption can be reduced extensively, and business owners are taking advantage of that. Contact us to learn more on how we can help your commercial property.

  • Businesses that go solar save an average of 75% on their power utility cost.
  • The same businesses will reduce the harmful pollution generated by their power needs by over 90%.
  • Base your services on energy that is reliable and never fail your customer again. 
commercial solar in Florida
residential solar in Florida

Residential Solar

A home in Florida has the opportunity to conserve energy and bring added value back to you. Our goal at Blue Sky Solar Energy is use our expertise to help save residents money every month and be cash flow positive, from the very start of your solar journey. How do we do it?

  • A simple yet thorough no obligation energy evaluation of your home to find out your real needs.
  • Installation of the most efficient and cutting edge solar panel technology.
  • Making the most of Federal Tax credits. 

Solar Attic Ventilation

In Florida we have plenty of sun and plenty of heat. That heat builds up in our attics, causing temperatures to soar to 140+ degrees. All that trapped heat makes your home harder to cool & more humid, making your a/c system work harder. The cold air in the ducts traveling through the hot oven like attic can also make hot spots in your home and cause condensation.

The simple and effective solution is to set that hot air free with our solar powered attic ventilation systems. Using the power of the sun, not electricity from your utility, we will power vent you attic to take the hot air out and put fresh cool air in giving you:

solar attic ventilation

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Blue Sky Solar Energy Solar Guide

Looking for more information on everything solar power? We have you covered with the following handcrafted guide to everything solar energy.
how solar panels work

How Solar Works

When quantifying energy from the sun, it's been calculated that 150 to 300 watts per square meter is the given solar potential.

Let's learn how that energy is converted into electricity...

Photovoltaics or (PV) is moving up as a widespread energy source for homes and businesses. This technology is what converts solar energy into direct current electricity using semiconducting materials. The solar panels that constitute a photovoltaic system use solar cells that generate available power.

solar and the sun

Sun Power Advantage

Make use of the sun's power and immediately make a reduction in your carbon footprint. Becoming acquainted with the benefits of solar power will enable you to wean from fossil fuels that have a negative impact on both local and global environments. It's inevitable by definition that non-renewable resources must be exhausted at some point in time. Why not take action now and open yourself to a resource that is virtually infinite, useful, and obtainable for all mankind?

Installing solar panels for residential and commercial use comes with the added benefits of simplicity and ease of use. Creating energy utilizing solar panels means zero noise pollution. Fuel consumption, bulky moving parts, and the maintenance that comes with them are worries you won't have with the “solar option”. Live in the future by powering your home or business with the power of the sun.

solar facts

Solar Energy Facts

-By 2050 it's predicted the largest source of all electricity will be from the sun.

-Depending on location, you can save anywhere from $10,000-40,000 dollars over the course of 20 years when you invest in the solar option.

- After the oil crisis of 1970, solar energy soared as a viable alternative for energy in the wake of the instability of fossil fuels.

-Several countries use solar energy to power spacecrafts for both manned and unmanned missions into outer space.

"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy"
-Thomas Edison

A Dependable Choice For Florida Residents & Businesses

Every year people living in the state must endure the seasonal floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. These hardships leave the residents and business owners waiting on utility providers when power failures occur. Solar power becomes an alternative that provides dependability and assurance when needing to weather whatever comes your way.

What matters to us is a practical and efficient approach that is focused on our customers' needs.

We are the experts in Florida when it comes to any question on the benefits of solar power and solar panel installation.


They did a great job..the workmanship was excellent and our electric bill is less than $10.

Carol & Doug Perry
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