Benefits of North American Made Solar Panels in FL vs. Made in China

Are you considering solar panels for your home or business? If you are, you should know that not all solar panels are created equal. When it comes to a long-term home investment in solar, you can not afford to select sub-standard panels. Blue Sky Solar Energy is proud to use solar panels made right here in the USA. Let’s take a closer look as to why we feel sub-standard panels are a growing concern for the solar industry and why we choose to use panels made in the US over those from China or other countries in Southeast Asia.

solar panels in FL
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China’s Solar Industry

China dove into the solar manufacturing industry at a staggering rate. Assisted by an all-in government investment attitude, China now produces almost twice the solar panels as the rest of the world combined, allowing them to flood the market with subpar panels at below-market costs. This massive manufacturing movement leads to several things: defects in panels and China knowing of the defects and keeping them secret. And, defective panels can cause shorts and even fires.


Bloomberg cited that flaws found in Chinese solar panels were found to drastically eat into panel efficiency. It was discovered that the reflective suppression glass that allows your panels to capture more light was defective in about 23% of dozens of Chinese companies and, in one part of China, the failure rate was 40%.

China Knows

It was also noted that these defects typically would not emerge until after two years of operation or longer. Consider the statement,“Photovoltaic quality problems may not occur immediately but will be revealed after about two years of operation or longer,” as quoted by Peng Peng, Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association Director of Policy.

China Keeps It Secret

The defective glass was discovered to be in 30 companies. These producers represent about half of all of China’s anti-reflective glass suppliers in China. The General Administration for quality supervision, inspection, and quarantine did not name these companies.

Chinese Solar Panels Have Been The Cause of Fires, Electrical Shorts, and More

Some companies in their quest for money are plainly unscrupulous manufacturers. Under pressure to increase their profit margin, they have capitalized on consumers’ lack of knowledge, cutting costs by quietly using lesser quality materials and workmanship to save money. The resulting poor products are not visible when visually inspected. When it comes to performance, on the other hand, these panels can cause premature panel failure, electrical problems, and even fire. 

The Warranty

Unfortunately, many Chinese solar panel manufacturers may go bankrupt due to their inferior manufacturing policies. Even if you have a fantastic warranty, it means nothing if the company cannot back it up.

Why Choose Made In The USA?

With a higher standard of quality being the focus of American made solar panels that have been proven in independent studies, US made panels are your best choice when it comes to a long-term investment like solar.

Quality Tested

A Massachusetts testing lab did a defect comparison test on Chinese solar panels compared to American panels. The Chinese imported panels returned a reported defect rate as high as 22% compared to the average US failure rate of .1-.001%. With this, the scope of the problem begins to become apparent.

Higher Efficiency

Most solar companies arrange their contracts with an expected photovoltaic efficiency degradation that will usually not exceed 20% over the term of their contract’s length. The goal is to provide optimum efficiency, which can be achieved by using the US made solar panels.

The Warranty

Most solar power contractors offer panels with a 25-year warranty for peace of mind. If you buy high-quality US products, you may never need to use this warranty.

Blue Sky Solar Energy

Blue Sky Solar Energy is leading the way in a partnership with you to make free energy a reality in the United States. We are achieving this with highly affordable, higher efficiency solar panels. These panels are the “sweet spot” of efficiency and affordability. The efficiency makes them one of the best options around.

Some of the highest quality solar panels in the industry are made with up to 80% American materials for durability, reliability, and dependability.

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