Five Factors To Consider Before a Florida Solar Installation

There was a time when solar power was a new innovation. Few houses had it and everyone wondered about it. Now the cost of solar power is going down and the number of people getting it is going up. And more people are talking about its benefits. Consider five facts consumers should know before a Florida solar installation.

florida solar installationCheck Out the Roof

Solar panels are typically installed on the roof. And solar panels can weigh quite a bit. The roof needs to be able to bear the weight of solar panels. Have an expert examine the integrity of the roof before installation. And another factor is the amount of shade the roof gets during the day. The solar panels need sunlight to create energy. If the roof does not get sun, it might not be the optimum situation for solar power. Work with a professional to learn more.

Solar Power Saves Energy But You Need To Do More

Some consumers expect solar power to bring a miracle into their homes. They want to save electricity and completely reduce its use. It takes lifestyle changes to reduce the amount of electricity used in a home. Schedule an energy audit to determine where and how energy is being wasted. Make other changes, along with installing solar power, to realize the maximum benefits of going green.

Get The State Info

There are questions that must be answered before you install solar power. Find out how you connect to the grid and what happens when excess energy is produced by your system. Research state policies on solar power, such as grants or incentives you might qualify for when you install it. These financial incentives can help cover the cost of installing solar power if it’s tough to fit it into your budget.

Find a Reputable Contractor

Once people are ready to install solar power, it is a job best left to the professionals. Installing solar panels is simply not a weekend DIY project. And an expert knows how to check the roof, explain energy savings, and install quality solar panels that work for your home. Make sure the contractor is reputable. Verify the company is licensed and insured. Talk to other people about their experiences with solar power and local contractors. Verify you are doing business with a skilled professional who can get the job done right.

Find Out About Contracts and Warranties

A solar power installation is a big project. Get the cost of the installation and make sure to sign a contract. Review the terms carefully to ensure they reflect your initial agreement. Inquire about a warranty for the solar panels. Solar panels can last for decades, making them a solid investment. And over time, you can save significantly by having them. Plus, if you sell the house, many people prefer Florida homes with solar power.

Contact a local solar installation professional today to learn more about the benefits of getting solar power in your Florida home. Discover the ROI for installing solar panels and how they can help you save money and energy in the years to come.

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