Are Florida Solar Systems Maintenance Plans Beneficial Or a Scam?

You may be asking yourself if Florida solar systems maintenance plans are beneficial or a scam. There are many benefits to purchasing a solar system maintenance plan, and they aren’t expensive. Solar system maintenance plans offer a variety of services for a low price each month.

Florida solar systemsWhat’s a Maintenance Plan?

A solar system maintenance plan can increase the production time and extend the life of the system. Solar power gets generated by each kilowatt hour of production. Making sure that it has proper service is important for ensuring optimal performance while decreasing the amount of time it’s unavailable for use.

Why It’s Important to Have a Maintenance Plan

It’s important to have a maintenance plan to keep a solar system working 10 to 30 percent better compared to one that doesn’t receive maintenance. Having a maintenance plan increases the efficiency.

What Do Maintenance Plans Cover?

Maintenance plans cover a variety of potential issues. Site visits, electrical system checks, solar cleaning, and solar inverter preventative maintenance should be covered in every maintenance contract.

Site visits are beneficial because the company will come out and inspect your installation and examine if it’s producing the amount of power it should be.

Electrical system checks are beneficial because the maintenance company will come out and make sure that the electrical systems are working properly. And if they aren’t working properly, the maintenance company should fix it.

Solar cleaning is beneficial because frequent solar array cleanings will increase annual solar energy production by up to 5-10%.

And solar inverter preventative maintenance is necessary as well to make corrections if anything is wrong.

Some maintenance companies will offer plans with services such as audit energy protection, evaluating network voltage and frequency, environment conditions control, coordinate warranty repairs, frequent service checks, and inventory and spare parts management.

Things You Should Know About Maintenance Plans

Many companies warn their customers that opting out of a maintenance plan means that system components would be void of all warranties. If the solar system is improperly installed, it could also void warranties on system components.

If you want a maintenance plan, you’ll likely have to sign a contract with the company you do business with. Before you sign the contract, be sure that you read the agreement to make sure that it meets your specific goals and needs.

When you look for a company to sign a contract with for a maintenance plan, you need to be sure that they have a team with field-service engineers and technicians. Field-service engineers and technicians should ensure the quality and performance of a solar energy project with effective maintenance.

Our Diagnostic Check Includes:

  • Ensuring inverter and modules are functioning properly
  • Inspecting roof condition and attachments
  • Inspecting array wire management
  • Checking all module mounting components and tightening them if needed
  • Visually inspecting for nesting under the arrays
  • Inspecting accessible DC/AC wire runs and terminations
  • Inspecting system grounding
  • Electrical conduit check

System production is checked at least twice per month. Notifications are sent out if anything is abnormal or in need of service. Our active monitoring reduces the amount of time needed for the system to be unavailable. And our active monitoring also increases production.

We have two maintenance plans available. Please call us for pricing.

Our Basic Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Annual Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Active Monitoring
  • Annual Diagnostic System Check

Our Premium Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Annual Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Annual Diagnostic System Check
  • Active Monitoring
  • System Removal
  • Replacement for Roofing

Final Words

As you should see by now, solar system maintenance plans aren’t a scam. They’re very beneficial to have. Also, if you called a professional out to do these services, you would pay more compared to purchasing a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans can save you a lot. It’s best to diagnose issues right when they come up instead of waiting for the issue to get worse. And if you wait for the issue to get worse, it’ll cost you more money and time.

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