How to Weigh the Pros and Cons of Solar for Your FL Property

These days, there’s a lot of talk about solar power and how to use it as a source of renewable energy. Much of this discussion is directed towards homeowners since many households across the country are adding solar panels to their roofs. In fact, you may have even thought about doing it yourself.

Disadvantages of Solar Power

pros and cons of solarOverall, solar energy is a solid investment and a path towards a cleaner future. Weighing the pros and cons of solar for your FL propety is simply a way to prepare you for this significant step.

High Upfront Cost

Purchasing solar panels is much better than leasing them because they will pay for themselves, but the upfront expenditure can be prohibitive. Even with government incentive programs, you may have to budget carefully to invest in solar panels.

Panels Don’t Move With You

If you put up a new solar energy grid and then move before it starts to pay off, it could be a loss. However, sellers can often get a higher price for homes that already have solar power. Many modern buyers prefer to purchase homes that already have solar panels. And if you plan on staying in the same place for a few years, you will recoup your investment.

Intermittent Power

If you live in a sunny state like Florida, then solar panels will work for you most of the year. Northern states have a mix of bright and cloudy days, which means getting less juice. But this is not a concern for homeowners in Florida, who can harness the power of the sun year round.

Requires a Lot of Surface Area

Even though solar technology has advanced drastically over the last few decades, we still rely on large panels to soak up as much light as possible. If your house has limited roof space, or there are obstructions, your energy bills might not lower as much. Either way, people realize long-term savings for investing in solar power.

Advantages of Solar Power

After weighing the pros and cons, most property owners determine solar power is a smart investment. Consider some of the many advantages of solar panels.

You’ll Make Money Long-Term

According to most economic models, solar panels can take about seven years to pay for themselves. Thus, every year after that period is money back in your pocket. You may also earn money from the power company every month, which is another financial incentive.

Keeps Electricity Prices at Bay

It is inevitable the cost of energy will continue to go up. Solar panels help keep your monthly payments manageable and protect you from surges that could have a negative impact on your budget.

Low Maintenance

Choosing a qualified installer ensures your solar panels will require minimal maintenance. Most panels last for about 25 years. Discuss the longevity and maintenance of solar panels with a reputable installation service.


With climate change dominating the news, the future seems unpredictable. However, switching to solar energy is a significant step in the process of removing our dependence on fossil fuels. So, if you’re concerned about the environment, going solar is a way to make a difference in the world.

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