How Does Solar Power in FL Impact the Value of Your Home?

Every year people move to Florida to get out of the cold, wet and dreary parts of the country. In fact, the Sunshine State added 73 thousand people in Central Florida in 2016 alone. Some estimates are that Florida has 1,000 new people moving in per day. The abundant sunshine is a major advantage of living in this state.  Many residents are harnessing the power of the sun with good reason. Discover how solar power in FL positively impacts the value of your home.

solar power in flMoving to Florida

People move to Florida for many reasons other than the weather and beaches.

  • Booming construction industry
  • Increase in tourism jobs
  • Robust IT industry

If your home is in Florida, it makes sense to take advantage of the sunny skies and embrace solar energy. Besides, solar power is here to stay. Home buyers homes want an updated home that is forward-thinking in its energy usage. Also, If you ever decide to sell your home, having solar power is a selling point. The fact that you have worked to reduce your carbon footprint. And lower energy bills will be a plus over traditional fossil-fueled homes.

Shifting Away From Non-Renewable Resources

There’s no doubt that non-renewable resources are running low. And at some point, they will be exhausted. Some experts suggest that in as little as 40 years, fossil fuels and coal will be in short supply. And costs will go up as we saw during the energy crisis of the 1970’s. As a homeowner, there’s never been a better time to invest in the future. Get solar panels and harness the power of the sun for your home cooling.

Are Solar Panels Right For Your Home?

Purchasing solar panels is an investment in your future. Savings over the time you own your home will vary. Base the numbers on the average of your household energy consumption. But most homeowners will see a return on their investment in less than ten years. There’s never been a more affordable time to install a solar panel system. And there are generous federal tax credits available to those that qualify. Also, other incentives are available. We are experts in all these areas. Our team is happy to discuss your area, utilities and how we can make these credits work for you.

Solar Panels Are Eco-Friendly

Driving down costs on energy consumption is a concern for most homeowners. Solar power is often chosen by property owners because they want a renewable resource to power their home. Installing a solar panel system is an easy way to take control over what you are spending on utilities. And solar power is a smart way to do your part for a cleaner, greener planet.

Solar Panels Are a Great Return on Your Investment

Solar panels last about 30 years for most homes. And solar panels have been proven to increase the value of the home and have a return rate of an astounding 97%. This financial advantage is in addition to the savings you will garner on your cooling bills. Also, consider that installing a new kitchen is said to have a return rate of 60 percent. And think about that pool you installed outside. It may help keep you cool on a hot day outside. But what is the return on your initial investment when you decide to sell? The return is less than 10 percent.

Solar Panels Appeal to Millennials

Baby boomers are aging out of the homes where they raised their children. Many decide to buy updated condos and live in planned communities. These types of homes for sale have embraced technology. And the use of renewable resources will have a distinct advantage over a home that has not made those efforts. The millennial generation, known as Generation Z, value “green” homes. Studies have shown that they are willing to pay more for products and services that are committed to high social and environmental impact.

Work With a Professional Team

We help Florida residents all over the state conserve energy and increase the value of their home with the installation of solar panel technology. It all starts with our no-obligation energy evaluation. During this time, a technician will assess your home and map out exactly how many panels you would need. Also, the tech will discuss all the hard and soft costs of the system. We use only the highest quality, cutting-edge panels. And our technicians know the best techniques for installation in Florida.

Seamlessly Switch Over to Solar Energy

Also, we are familiar with all area utility companies and the ins and outs when you make the switch to solar energy. And wondering how to navigate that system is a fear for many people. With Blue Sky, we’ll explain it all in detail to you so you are clear on how your system will work with the utility company. Finally, we help you find and implement the many tax credits that are available to you as a pioneer in renewable energy.

In conclusion, it’s easy to see how solar power in FL has a positive impact on the value of your home. Welcome to the future of a cleaner, greener planet!

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