Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power Energy

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Grid tied means the electricity you produces goes directly into your meter. Your house, appliances and lifestyle won't know the difference between your solar power or the utility power.

With grid tied solar systems when the grid goes down, so does the solar power system. This is a built in safety feature.

Absolutely! We are certified with SMA for battery back up/micro grid systems that we can design to run your home or business under almost any circumstance.

hat is how you connect to your utility grid with your solar system. Your utility has an agreement in place that we will guide you through. Every utility is a little different, but don't worry, we're experts in them all.

et metering is the system in place to work with your power company as a co-generator. You either pay for or keep the net difference between the Kwh's that you make and use each month.

In Florida Mono (or Monocrystalline) panels are the best option. They are better suited for our hot temperatures. They are the premium option but the return over the short and long term is well worth it.

The brand and type of inverter (string, micro or hybrid) used is really dependent on your particular application. We install and service SMA Solar Edge and Enphase inverters. The best option for you can be easily determined and explained with our no obligation site assessment.

Generally we like to have everything done within three weeks or less for PV and one week for solar hot water. Having said that, there are many variables involved with each project and some of them are out of our control time wise. We will do everything to expedite your project and get you making power ASAP.